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ElasticSearch® for Magento 2


Take the most advanced search engine ElasticSearch® for your magento shop to increase your sales and

Enterprise + $250.00

customer satisfaction. 18 reviews


4.85 / 5


Community : 2.1.x - 2.2.x

Production Website *

Enterprise : 2.1.x - 2.2.x

Development Website Auto complete search query Search data with CMS pages & category data Support (180 Days Included)

Manipulate search results Customized search result page with elasticsearch® data

Additional Domains License *

Add synonyms and stop words for search query Search products accurately with white spaces and special characters

No Additional License

Right product suggestions for wrong spelled search queries Power to choose product attributes for search

Installation Service + $99.00

BUY NOW Admin Panel Demo (http://elasticsearch.m2.demo.magedelight.com/admin/) (http://elasticsearch.m2.demo.magedelight.com/)

Front-end Demo

User Manual Installation Guide (http://www.magedelight.com/pub/media/productattachment/files/Elasticsearch(http://www.magedelight.com/pub/media/productattachment/files/ElasticsearchUser-Manual-M2.pdf) Installation-Guide-M2.pdf)

45 Days Money Back*

180 Days Free Support

Free Lifetime Updates

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Extension Highlights

Responsive & Mobile First On mobile devices with limited resource capability, mage delights' Elasticsearch® extension provide seamless and free flowing search result. Search result as fast as browsing on desktop/laptop system.

Faceted search in result Page Instant and fast search result on product listing page with advance layered option is one of the most important feature of mage delight's product extension. Rendering quick product listing is vital need of any ecommerce website. Show your customer what they want, really quick.

Content Search With ElasticSearch® help is search of a content from CMS block. Elasticsearch® facilitates full text search option from any content on website

Category Direct Search Product search within the product category is the remarkable feature to this extension. Customer can search matching product under various product category listed on e-commerce store.

Wild card search It enables extension to get the result even with special characters and spaces in search query. It specially helps to find the products using SKU. Admin can allow different searching patterns which in turn increase accurate search results.

Supports fallback search In case customers are not aware of full product name then fallback search helps them search the product with a single word or a part of the product name only. It will also search the right products for wrong spelled search query.

Important Characteristic of ElasticSearch® Extension



ElasticSearch® displays most Accurate and relevant search result. It helps customer to find information or product they are actually looking.

Quick and Fast search result is synonym of Elasticsearch® extension. Our extension delivered search result at just below the lightning speed.

Typo Tolerance

Fully Customizable

Have your search results page, navigation and pagination updated in realtime, after each keystroke

Elasticsearch® extension code is complete encryption free code. Extension has been developed as per standard Magento coding guideline, which extension customization feasible and easy.

Stop Words

Synonyms Dictionary

Let your search process pick the most accurate result using the mechanism of Stop Words which in turn increases the efficiency of searching on your store.

Maximize the range of searching the items on you store and provide all the relevant search results by catching similar words of the user input.

How it Works:


Mage Delight's Elasticsearch® by far the most advanced search option created for Magento 2 stores. Feature like auto complete, CMS page search, precise & faster search result makes elastic search extension best in class. Our extension can handle huge product catalog with variety of product types and can still perform better. Elasticsearch® extension is highly scalable, blazing fast restful search engine By default magento's built in search is very slow and gives bad search results. The search in your e-store is one of the most important functionality for your customers. Note: Elastic search extension does not work with cloud server environment

Benefits Very fast search results Powerful auto complete feature Auto suggest right product for wrong spelled search query Boost your product attribute based search Handle your index with ease Full text search option for better search results

List of Full Feature Autocomplete

Facilitates wildcard search

CMS page and category search

Facilitates fallback search

Manipulate search results

Attribute search weight

Two different search preview option

Faceted search

Import synonyms and stop words

Multi stores support Cluster support 100 % open source code

Release Notes

Reviews (18)

Tech Specifications


Screenshots Mega search view of elastic search. It searches suggestions, products, categories and CMS pages of whole store and displays the result for each of them separately.

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Elasticsearch Magento 2 Extension - Advance Magento Search

(http://www.magedelight.com/) ElasticSearch® for Magento 2 Community Take the most advanced search engine ElasticSearch® for your magento shop to ...

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