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Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2

Elastic Search Ultimate for Magento 2 Elastic Search Ultimate will lead your customers exactly to the products they are

Magento Edition *

looking for! This will ultimately create an increase in your store conversion using just


your search results!

Installation + $49.00

This extension creates an incredible search experience. It returns the right search


results within milliseconds. All required search functions are built-in: search autocomplete, misspelling correction, searching by multiple content types and much more.

Add to Cart Even more: by using the Elasticsearch engine extension you can speed up your

User Manual

catalog’s layered navigation! So customers will be able to navigate through catalog pages faster. Frontend Demo

Backend Demo

90 days free

FREE lifetime



Compatible with:

Community: 2.1-2.2.* Enterprise:


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Quick and Intelligent By far, one of the most important and powerful tools in an online store is its ability to search among its many products. If your search is delivering relevant results in a short amount of time, your customers are able to find and buy the products they are looking for. This, in turn, directly affects your sales: Your sales increase when you use a smarter and faster search! Elastic Search Ultimate provides your store with one of the fastest and most powerful search features available for Magento2. To perform the search, our extension uses the Elasticsearch engine. This is one of world’s leading engines, a free open source product designed for horizontal scalability, maximum reliability, and easy management. It has the capability to handle the most sophisticated requirements of modern online stores. The extension connects the Elasticsearch engine with your Magento2 store and gives your store a fast and relevant search. Using Magento 2 Elasticsearch extension strengthens your store’s search results to enable your customers to search any way they want. Elastic Search Ultimate reaches to change your customer’s experience in your online store by making your store’s search really fast and useful. Search works great on desktop and mobile devices.

8 Reasons to Use Elastic Search Ultimate l It is super fast, so you won’t leave you customers waiting for their results

l Typos are auto-corrected while the customer is typing

l Extension speeds up not only search results, but also all other pages of your

l Customer can search with hyphens, slashes, stop-words, and synonyms

store’s catalog

l Installation is super easy

l Search through multiple content types: CMS pages, blogs, catalog products,

l Supports responsive themes

categories and attributes. Also, custom content is supported!

l Search can be support sites in any languages

Who uses Elasticsearch Engine Elasticsearch is a real-time distributed search and analytics engine. It’s used in projects of any size from startups to huge enterprise search clusters. Some examples:

l Wikipedia uses Elasticsearch to provide full-text search with highlighted search snippets, and search-as-you-type and did-you-mean suggestions.

l The Guardian uses Elasticsearch to combine visitor logs with social -network data to provide real-time feedback to its editors about the public’s response to new articles.

l Stack Overflow combines full-text search with geolocation queries and uses “more-like-this” to find related questions and answers.

l GitHub uses Elasticsearch to query 130 billion lines of code.

Feature Highlights Get Surprisingly Accurate Results It doesn’t matter how your customer types (correctly, with typos, with slashed, with dashes), the search results will come back accurate! This extension takes advantage of the most beneficial solutions for E-commerce search:

l Stemming with singular/plural words l Long tail search (search with hyphens, special symbols, etc.) l Stop word and synonyms applied

Searches all Corners of your Store This extension can find search queries from anywhere in your store including:

l Catalog Categories l Catalog Attributes l CMS Pages l Wordpress Blog l Simple Press Forum l vBulletin Forum l Blog MX, Magefan Blog, Ves Blog, Mageplaza Blog, Aheadworks Blog l Knowledge Base l Any custom content

Find Product through Different Properties

Change your Mode of Searching

Give your customers options when they search! Search by the following categories:

Choose between three different modes:

l category names

l using a built-in search engine based on mysql functions

l custom options

l with Elastic Search Engine installed on the same server

l related content

l with Elastic Search Engine installed on an external server

l associated products skus

This extension has the flexibility to be used on small online stores using shared hosting services, as well as big e-stores with complicated architecture using VPS!

Uses Morphology Preprocessors

“Long Tail” Search

Using a base word, morphology preprocessors are applied to indexed words to replace

Customers are able to search using hyphens and slashes. This is particularly useful

different forms of that same word. For example, the English stemmer will normalize the

when customers are searching products by the SKU or MPN.

words “dog” and “dogs” to “dog”, returning the same results for both queries.

For example, we have a product "Canon SX500 IS". If a customer is searching for the "Canon SX-500IS" or "SX\500-IS", a default search will not be able to find the correct product. However, by using the advantages of long tail search, our search engine leads customers to the correct product they are looking for.

Hide “Out of Stock Items”

Our Extension Understands Synonyms

Our extension hides your “out of stock” items by pushing them to the end of the search

Our search engine is so smart, it not only searches by the specific word the customer

query list. This will give you the opportunity to promote items which are available for

types, but also its synonyms. They synonym directory contains a vast amount of words.

purchase. This eliminates confusion and again leads customers in the right direction.

It’s super smart!

Our Extension Understands Stopwords

Super Fast Indexing and Search

Understanding stopwords allows your search to eliminate the most common words in a

There is no limit to the number of products Elastic Search can handle. You can be a

language (e.g 'a', 'an', 'the') from the search query. These words are unimportant to the

small or big store, Elastic Search can quickly take care of both!

search and by removing them, the search is able to give the most relevant results fast.

Search Landing Pages

Processes Filters

Being able to customize landing pages according to a customer’s search query is a

Our extension can process the requests of Layered Navigation (filters) resulting in

huge advantage! For example, if a customer searches for “high heels”, you can design

reducing the load of the MySQL. This speeds up the generation time of search pages

a page of content you want this customer to see. It will be replaced by the standard

and pages of the store catalog! This is great news for stores which have more then 10K

search results page.


Layered Navigation

Elasticsearch improves layered navigation performance. Extension can process the requests of Layered Navigation (filters) resulting in reducing the load of the MySQL. This speeds up the generation time of search pages and pages of the store catalog! This is great news for stores which have more then 10K products! The Magento’s native functionality only displays the results, however, Elasticsearch calculates aggregation data for layered navigation attribute options. So, when a customer looks at the attributes in the layered navigation, they are able to see the number of products for each option. With Elasticsearch, the layered navigation performs only a few SQL queries to fetch label names. It does this by building only one query that returns all the values and query times. AND it does it faster for the same product quantity!

Search Autocomplete Being that Elastic Search Ultimate is so smart, it is able to automatically complete the search query your customer is trying to type! The extension gives the customer a drop down menu with several suggestions to complete their query. This makes searching the store faster for the customer. Precise product recommendations create a better user experience for your store!

You can configure these options:

l Ability to set the search category l Using AJAX, so the search doesn't reboot the entire web page. It makes it very fast. l Support of responsive themes l Drop-down box appears with the image of products and price

Multiple Configuration Features With this extension you have the ability to configure:

l Minimum number of characters to search l Delay in finding l A limited number of results in the dropdown menu for every type of content l Tips in the search box

Search Spell Corrector Corrects Typos

Fallback Search

Elastic Search Ultimate knows that it is difficult to spell everything correctly, so

Don’t worry if your customers do not know the exact names of your products, because

customers do not have to worry about their spelling mistakes. The extension will

with fallback search enabled, the extension can give results containing only part of the

automatically correct any misspellings typed into the search field. This works with

search phrase. Fantastic!

precisely with every language!

For example, if a customer is searching for “blue backpack”. If the store does not have this product, then the Magento default search engine would return no results. However, with fallback search enabled, your customer would be given the option of looking at all the backpacks in your store. Perhaps they will find an even better color!

No Extra Software


Our extension automatically examines the content of your store and will use it to make

You also do not have to worry about installing additional dictionaries, our extension

search corrections. You don’t need to add any other software, so just relax and let

knows what language you are using by analyzing the content of your store. So smart!

Elastic Search Ultimate do its job!

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Reasons to choose Mirasvit Client focusing and satisfaction

Remarkable support

It is our main goal. A big part of our new clients come from referrals from our

90-days free and high quality support. We make an effort to satisfy you with

existing clients. Our professional team of developers, marketers and support

work of every module you have purchased in our store. Helping you with

invest the best knowledge and experience, so you could come back to us again

installation, configuration, answering your every question, we do all our best to

and again.

eliminate any possible problems.

Risk-free Investment

Constant improvements and upgrades

30-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with work of our

We provide you lifetime free updates. We constantly add new features to all our

extension for any reason we provide a full refund.

modules. We are absolutely interested to hear your opinion and to implement your suggested features in our future developments.

Comprehensive Documentation

Unencrypted source code of our products

We provide an expanded user guide for every our extension, so you can find

You can customize extensions according to your needs and requirements.

answers for all your burning questions.

Usability and Performance

Safe Magento updates

Module is easy to install and easy to upgrade, just follow step by step our user

No core modifications. Just copy extension files to store root directory.


Kyiv, Ukraine 7 Vandy Vasilevskoy St Kyiv, Ukraine, 04116 [email protected]

California, USA

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Magento 2 Elasticsearch Ultimate - Mirasvit Magento Extensions

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