Who was Napoleon and what was effect did he have on European

Who was Napoleon and what was effect did he have on European history?

ž  Napoleon

Bonaparte was the selfproclaimed emperor of France ¢  ¢ 

Napoleon I 1767 – 1821

ž  Helped

restore order after the Reign of Terror & led French expansion in Europe

ž The

island of Corsica ¢ 

Off the coast of France

ž Upper class family ¢  Nobel birth ¢  Upper-middle class life ž Fascinated

by military life

ž Following

a series of successful military campaigns, Napoleon was very popular in France

ž Took

control of France as consulet (1799) ¢ 

Dictatorial powers

What were Napoleon s greatest accomplishments as a ruler? ž  Napoleon

was a firm believer in the principles of the Enlightenment

ž  “enlightened monarch” ¢  Wanted to spread

Enlightenment ideas to the rest of Europe

ž  Number

policies: ¢  ¢  ¢ 

of new

Made peace with the Church Education for all Napoleonic Code (law code)

Lycee System of Education


Established by Napoleon in 1801 as an educational reform school


Enrolled the nation s most talented students [they had to pay tuition, although there was some financial help available for poorer student].


Trained the nation s future government leaders / officials

Legion of Honor, 1802

Palace of the Legion of Honor, Paris

Napoleon and His Law Code

Marie Louise (of Austria) Napoleon’s 2nd Wife

Marie Louise of Austria with Napoleon s Son, Napoleon II

Napoleon s Throne

The Imperial Image

What were Napoleon s greatest failures as a ruler? ž  Though

a military genius, Napoleon made three (3) costly mistakes: The Continental System



A blockade of Europe

Rebellion from within his empire (Haiti) The Invasion of Russia




The Russian winter

ž  Forced

to step down & exiled (1812) — 

French monarchs returned to power

The Continental System

Haitian Independence (1792-1804)

Toussaint L Ouverture

How could you be so dumb? Invading Russia in the winter! GOD!!!!

Napoleon During the Russian Invasion (1812)

The Winter March Back to France 100,000 French troops retreat—40,000 survive!

Napoleon s Lost Army

Napoleon in Exile on Elba (1814)

Napoleon's enemies put King Louis XVIII back on the throne. He is very unpopular from the start.

How is Napoleon finally defeated? ž  The

new monarch is very unpopular; calls for Napoleon s return (1815) ¢ 

The Hundred Days Rule

ž His

soldiers flocked to join him ¢ 

Ends with the Battle of Waterloo (1815)

Napoleon's Reunion with His Soldiers

Napoleon bidding farewell to his Imperial Guard, 1814

Napoleon s Residence on St. Helena – Longwood House


Who was Napoleon and what was effect did he have on European

Who was Napoleon and what was effect did he have on European history? ž  Napoleon Bonaparte was the selfproclaimed emperor of France ¢  ¢  Napo...

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