Indeed, dice, roulette… these are different actions that seem to be in the hands of the goddess fortune, but they have also helped shape our world at the moment a scientist decided to think if their result could be predictable. In short, gambling has also contributed to the development of our world. Click here for 12bet wap.

Playing dice, a new science was born

In the 15th century, an Italian doctor named Gerolamo Cardano began to think about what could make a pair of dice give a result and wrote a player’s manual talking about how to win the game.

Thus, was born the theory of probability, with which we can calculate the probability that something happens and calculate in a completely mathematical way whether or not we are lucky. Cardano, yes, thanks to his study, had a great crucial advantage in the gaming rooms. Visit for online betting.

Roulette and statistics

Throughout the 1890s, the Monaco newspaper regularly published the results of roulette spins at Monte Carlo casinos. The mathematician Karl Pearson was doing research on random events and he took this data for it.

Out of that analysis was born a vital part of science – from drug trials to most experiments, researchers test theories by calculating odds to see if there is evidence to support their hypothesis.

How did you get to this breakthrough? Pearson found that the roulette results were strange. Shortly after, it was learned that journalists had made them up.

Poker and game theory

In poker, not only is the probability of obtaining a series of winning cards involved, there is also the probability of the opponent’s cards. Yes, but also how he plays them. Scientist John von Neumann analyzed games like poker to analyze the mathematics of strategy and decision-making between different players. Game theory was born. A theory with which disciplines such as economics or biology could not be understood.

Non-chance games?

As we can see, it is clear that the predisposition to win or lose does not depend solely on luck, nor on the skills of the participants, since there is a mathematical and statistical component that many professional players have internalized.

In fact, there are books that develop all this research and are applied in a practical way with games, such as Roulette. The differences in strategies that are developed are based on these studies.

We can always play for pleasure

Beyond the fact that science has looked to the game to develop different theories crucial for our own evolution, we can also take online casino games as a simple playful alternative for our leisure.

Whether or not we play with strategies that allow us to develop some skill, it doesn’t hurt to add a little adrenaline and fun to everyday life and challenge luck.


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